Rossana Corsini - Biography

I was born in Rome, 28 February, a time when you can feel the coming of spring, when everything around us come back to life after the long winter sleep, so my temperament is like it, always looking for something new. I love everything is around me: smells, colors, perfumes and animals. 

Yes, I was born with a great passion for animals but especially for dogs. When I was a child, I was enchanted to see the animals shops, preferring them to toys shops. As in many family, my mum didn’t let me to have a dog in the house. For years, I had only fishes, birds, turtles, hamsters and so on, but the dog is different. I bought leashes of every type, waiting to realize my dream. My uncle Giorgio Corsini, who was a famous lutes maker, built for me some wood wheels so I could carry my rag poodle. Finally, when I was 15 years old, my beloved aunt who was accomplice in this passion, helped me to realize my dream and making an act of force, we bought a shih tzu bitch, hoping that she was beautiful to be the founder of my kennel. But  I was very unlucky because she was only a funny mate of the family, very far from what I wanted. It was the year 1972. Meanwhile I studied documents on the breed and so I had in my mind what I wanted and what I had to breed very clearly. In Italy shih tzu was practically unknown but I knew in Germany, Denmark and Holland there were very serious breeders, 

breeding with dogs descending directly from shih tzu  of the Chinese imperial palace. Soon it was very clear to me, I wouldn’t have bred with English bloodlines because they have modified the type, introducing pekingese’s blood. I had the luck to buy in 1975, the dog who became the founder of my kennel, Yak Von Tschomo-Lungma bred by Mrs.  Erica Geusendam. He was an outstanding dog, in fact I started to win all over the Europe. Then other subjects, exclusively from Scandinavian bloodlines, followed him. So I started my production and the first champions with the ‘Casa Corsini’ prefix, registered in 1977. First famous dog bred by me was ‘Balarama di Casa Corsini’ born in 1981, who was one with the bigger number of BOG, BIS, BISS, winning several European titles as well. Isidoro, Iona, Iridea, Eva di Casa Corsini followed him. Isidoro has been the first dog bred by me who became World Winner, in Copenhagen in 1989. Since 1990 I started to visit the American shows and after I studied on the various bloodlines, I started to import interesting subjects of American bloodlines. The turning point has been the meeting in Paris in 1992 with Wendy Paquette, of the Wenrick’s kennel, from which I started to buy wonderful subjects. In a few years, we started a close collaboration, that still continues. After the divorce with my first husband and the birth of my son Alessio in 1985, in 1992 a new partner came in my life, Pasquale Romanelli with the same crazy passion for the breeding and the shows. Well, what to say, two is better than one and then, Pasquale is a great connoisseur and breeder or shih tzu, he is also a very good groomer and handler. For sure our passion and sacrifice to do always better brought all the successes of the last years. Me and Pasquale have set our type and luckily we collaborate with important American breeders. We don’t work with inbreedings but with linebreedings, and we are opposed to the consanguinity, because we are convinced that it leads to the disintegration of the genetic qualities; it’s necessary to remember that it sets the qualities but the faults too. In addition to beauty, the dog must have also good health and an excellent temperament as well.  In order to have all of these elements, it’s necessary to see clearly the faults of our own subjects, trying to improve and increase the qualities in the years. This is what I prefixed to do many years ago and I believe that I demonstrated it with consistent results. Our dogs have successes all over the world, proving they are also good reproductors and this is a reason to be very satisfied as breeder: our priority is to be first breeders and then exhibitors. 

Now I hope you will enjoy my website to know my dogs.

Rossana Corsini.